100 g. Iberian Ham Bellota quality sliced by hand Expand

100 g. Iberian Ham Bellota quality sliced by hand

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  • From acorn-fed, free-range pigs
  • Thinly sliced by hand carved, melts in your mouth
  • Full, unparalleled rich flavor
  • Cured for over two years

Instructions: Before consuming is very important that the envelope is at room temperature, a trick is, before opening it under the faucet with water and thus raise the temperature. Once opened waiting about 10 minutes to regain its flavor and texture.

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Muy útil

Es perfecto, en casa lo usamos siempre que tenemos visita y se puede colocar directamente en el plato ya que viene presentado en un platito de plástico dentro del sobre.


    Un 10!!

    Perfectamente cortado y lonchas muy finitas. De los 10 sobres que compramos había algunos con más tocino y otros con menos.

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      Iberian Ham (4.5 Kg.) Sliced and vacuumed sealed

      Our Iberian Acorn (Bellota) Shoulder Ham is one of our star products, specially due to its excellent quality-price ratio.

      The piece yield is between 35% and 40%, ie that of a ham weighing about 5 kg, you get around 1.75 kg of meat and 3.25 kg of waste (bark, fat, bones...)

      Presentation: The sliced ham in 100g. Vaccum packages, 1 package of ham shavings and 1 package of fat (perfect for cooking)


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