Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 L. Expand

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 L.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic Agriculture Certificate
Quantity: 5 liters
Olive type: Manzanilla
Acidity: 0.2
Presentation: Resistant plastic screw cap

Harvest 2016/17

Highly recommended for toast and salads as it has a powerful and very unique flavor.

More details

This organic extra virgin and organic olive oil comes from the village of Zufre, located in the Sierra de Aracena.

Grown, produced and bottled by a cooperative of local farmers who, through countless generations have maintained an environmentally responsible manner the growth of their olive trees, the result of this process is a very aromatic and with a very special flavor oil.

Label is certified and EU Organic Logo European Bio certifying organic farming and the CAAE (Andalusian Committee of Ecological Agriculture).

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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0,25 L.


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