Queso de Cabra corteza de Sésamo Monte Robledo Expand

Cured Sheep Cheese


Currently, Manuela is not making cheese.

Sheep cheese.

100% raw sheep milk

Presentation: Wedge of various sizes.

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Doña Manuela cheeses (Sierra de Aracena)

Doña Manuela cheeses, are produced in their farms where their sheep and goats graze freely on the Pastures, feeding on the precious "Acorns", resulting in a delicious delicacy that are its cheeses.

It is a cheese made from sheep's milk and natural rennet, without any artificial additives. It is completely made by hand, as indicated by the label. It has a showy bark, taped and whitened by mold.

IMPORTANT: Cheese vacuum packaging is sent, when you open it, you'll notice a very strong smell, do not worry, it dissipates in a while. If you see the cheese comes a little soft, put it in the fridge and return to its normal state.

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Goats cheese coated in hemp

Artisan cheese handmade in the Sierra de Aracena.

Ingredients: raw goat milk, rennet and salt. Bark covered with hemp.

Weight: 550g piece. approx.


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